TTE Online Meditation Retreat: The First Excellence

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The Tara’s Triple Excellence team is excited to share a way for the worldwide sangha of students of Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche to gather virtually for our first-ever online TTE retreat, scheduled for Friday-Sunday, September 18-20.

Lama Tenzin Sangpo will prepare a series of teachings and meditations on the foundational practices from the First Excellence of Tara’s Triple Excellence. Topics and meditation practice will cover the four mind-changings, taking refuge, and the four noble truths. For more details, see the schedule below.

As the great masters say, once you take these teachings to heart, you’re already halfway to liberation. This retreat offers a great opportunity for students both new and experienced, to focus their practice and reorient the mind in a truly meaningful direction.

All these videos will be hosted on One advantage of this online format is that you as a participant in different time zones will be able to go through the videos in your own daytime hours.

Additionally, Lama Tenzin will conduct three live Zoom interactive Q&A sessions, introducing the retreat on Friday, and concluding and dedicating on Sunday. These sessions will take place at 4 or 5 pm Central European time, which works well with most parts of the world.

Online participants will be able to watch the full set of teachings through this website beginning Friday, September 18, 2020. The recorded teachings will be posted daily and will remain accessible until Sunday, October 4rd. Thereafter, the files will no longer be available.

If you're affiliated with any TTE group, gomde or dharma house, please check their announcements about possibilities of joining the retreat as a group.

Lama Tenzin advises that you do your best to keep to the hourly timetable. If you can’t, still commit to viewing all the videos in sequence on your own time in the extra days available. Maintaining this discipline helps you to integrate the contemplations authentically.



In order to access the teachings, all students must be registered at Registration to DharmaSun is free.

Registration for the retreat will remain open through Sunday, Sept 27, 2020.

The suggested donation amount for this retreat is: 48 USD

You will also have the opportunity to donate 108 USD to sponsor others, or pay what you can afford (minimum 20 USD)

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First Excellence Online Retreat:
Suggested Schedule
All teaching sessions below will be videos you can watch on your own. The “Q&A Live Zoom Sessions” are listed using Central European Time. Click here to convert to your own timezone.

Fri. September 18
2:30-4:00pm Seminar introduction and contemplation of the Precious Human Body
4:00-5:00pm Break 
5:00-6:00pm CET Q&A Live zoom session
6:00-7:00pm Dinner break 
7:00-8:00pm Contemplation of Impermanence
Sat. September 19
7:30-8:30am Contemplation on Suffering of the Lower Realms
8:30-9:30am Breakfast break
9:30-10:30am Contemplation of Karma - Cause and Effect
10:30-11:30am Break
11:30am-12:30pm Teachings on Taking Refuge
12:30pm-2:30pm Lunch break
2:30-3:30pm Contemplation of Taking Refuge
3:30-4:00pm Break
4:00-5:00pm CET Q&A Live zoom session
5:00-6:30pm Dinner break
6:30-7:30pm Contemplation of Results of Samsara
Sun. September 20
7:30-8:30am Contemplation of Causes of Samsara
8:30-9:30am Breakfast break
9:30-10:30am Contemplation of Results of Liberation
10:30-11:30am Break
11:30am-12:30pm Contemplation of Causes of Liberation
12:30pm-2:30pm Lunch break
2:30-3:30pm Concluding teaching
3:30-4:00pm Break
4:00-5:00pm CET Q&A live zoom session & farewell


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