Tara’s Open Café
Meets 3rd Sunday of every Month
8pm CET (Vienna), or 8pm EST (New York)

Petit Café for 2nd Excellence Practitioners
Meets 2nd Sunday of every Month
8PM EST (New York)


Would you like to meet with other TTE practitioners? Tara’s Café’s are virtual gatherings of Tara’s Triple Excellence practitioners. On the third Sunday of every month The Café is a great opportunity to enjoy casual conversation, pose questions or share experience over a cup of coffee or tea, and share the energy of friends who are pursuing a similar spiritual journey.

The Tara’s Triple Excellence team helps coordinate the formation of spin-off Petit Cafés that best match the needs of the participants. Cafés have been created by a local group, and by some people studying the 2nd Excellence. We can help you create a Café for an international group, or for a language group. Any kind of practitioners’ group is encouraged. What would work for you?

We are looking forward to being a world-wide group of Cafés that will allow all of us to meet kindred spirits in a friendly, easygoing coffeehouse atmosphere.We will offer two sessions for everyone’s convenience.

Here’s how to join:

If you haven’t already installed Zoom, then ahead of time, you will need to download the Zoom app, which is free.  You can do this on your computer, or on any one of your other devices. Download the version you need here.

You might want to check out the functions of Zoom ahead of time to figure out how to turn your camera on/off and your sound on/off, etc. Here’s a help pagewith a way to test it out.  We will open the Zoom “room” 15 minutes early, so people can get comfortable with all the bells and whistles of their Zoom app.

The Zoom link for all the café sessions unless specified otherwise is: https://zoom.us/j/886893203. This will take you to our Zoom conference, and you will enter and be visible to the other attendees.

You can email sally@tarastripleexcellence.org with questions about Tara’s Cafés or to set up your own Petit Café.

We look forward to “seeing” all of you!