Discovering Tara’s Pure Realm: A talk with Heidi Koppl

Join us on Sunday, April 24rd at 3pm (CEST, Paris; click here to convert to your timezone), for a special one-hour talk: Discovering Tara’s Pure Realm: A talk with Heidi Koppl. The session will take place live over Zoom.

Tara’s Turquoise Pure Realm is a wild, verdant, and mountainous world, with pristine waterfalls, nectar-filled lakes, exquisite flowers, and colorful songbirds. Beings born there sing enlightened songs and express awakening with their beautiful dances. It is truly a paradise for nature, music, and dance lovers.
How can we find our way there?

According to the sutra system, we can rely on the five powers which are described in Chekawa’s Seven-Point Mind Training. From the Vajrayana perspective, however, pure realms are already present right here and right now. While most of us have yet to experience these enlightened landscapes, we can learn to develop our pure perception and begin to manifest them.

In this one-hour talk, Heidi will explore the general nature of pure realms, and then take a closer look at Tara’s exquisite Turquoise Pure Realm, exploring the ways to gain entrance to it. We will take a look at the sutric five powers and then consider how pure perception can enable us to live in Tara’s pure realm right now.


The event is donation based. Please fill out this form to join the session. A few days before the start of the event, you will receive an email with all the Zoom information you will need to join us.

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